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2014 Land Rover LR4 Review
If the idea of luxury in an off-road vehicle puzzles, the Land Rover LR4 will confound. Mingling mud and premium leather is core to Land Rover’s identity, and the five- or seven-seat LR4 aims to toe the line between off-road excellence and on-road luxury. It’s got the hardware for the former, but how well does it master the latter?
Buried within this fortress of posh leather and walnut wood trim is a highly capable terrain master. Chances are, though, that most LR4s are destined to spend much more time in heated garages than on trails. As there’s not a lot of mud to slog through or rock craters to crawl out of near my downtown condo, this review focuses on the LR4’s on-road abilities.

The cabin is vast, and it feels as big inside as it looks outside; front-seat headroom and legroom abound. The seats are large and supportive, and a little firm. Three — yes, three — sunroofs contribute to the interior’s expansive, airy feel. The one over the front seats opens and has a sunshade; the other two are fixed but also have sunshades.
As with other SUVs this price, the interior is all about luxury. Though there’s plastic, it’s the highly padded variety. Rich wood trim warms up the otherwise austere black cabin. Bright metal trim around the gauges and vents also classes things up.
I was unimpressed with the navigation system. The small touch-screen and outdated graphics felt out of place in the otherwise opulent cabin, and there’s a delayed response when you touch the screen. It couldn’t find the two addresses I inputted, including my home address. I’m sure it exists.

The LR4 is an incredibly powerful, capable off-road crawler that offers its occupants a high level of luxury amenities and road isolation. Like most niche vehicles, the LR4 will strike the right note with a specific audience: well-heeled outdoor enthusiasts — or people who want to give that impression. Off-roaders in the mood to be coddled should put the LR4 on their shopping list. Families looking for a comfortable three-row SUV should keep searching.