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2011 Porsche Cayenne Review
If you notice hints of Panamera, it’s no mistake. The sculpted hood, headlights, and grille mimic Porsche’s other contentious model. Dimensionally, the Cayenne is 1.9-inches longer than its predecessor overall with a 1.6-inch longer wheelbase. More interior passenger and cargo space are the result, Porsche points out. Its backend gets restyled LED taillights, also very reminiscent of the Panamera’s wide, curvaceous units. But the longer body doesn’t necessarily mean more mass. Thanks to a new all-wheel drive setup and the use of new materials (Porsche wasn’t specific), the range as a whole is promised to be lighter and more efficient.

A decoupling clutch connects the engine to the electric motor and ensures a smooth transition of power throughout the driving cycle. Electric power can propel the Cayenne at speeds up to 40 mph, according to Porsche. It can also “sail” on the highway by shutting down the V-6 at speeds up to 97 mph. The entry-level Cayenne maintains its 3.6-liter V-6, but thanks to a few tweaks and eight-speed transmission, it gets 10 more horses (for a total of 300-horsepower) and is 20 percent more fuel efficient on the combined European cycle. Occupying the middle ground is a more powerful 400-horsepower (up 15 ponies) Cayenne S. Its 4.8-liter V-8’s fuel efficiency is 23 percent better than last year’s model. Same goes for the Cayenne Turbo’s 500-horsepower V-8. Interestingly, there was no word yet on the autobahn-eating 550-horserpower Turbo S or sportier GTS. The modern design continues inside. With more room to work with, engineers implemented a high center console between the two front passengers. Like the Panamera, it bears an elongated form, with a litany of control buttons set below and on either side of the Tiptronic lever. The leather dash gets a TFT screen capable of controlling all the pertinent in-cabin goodies. It’s flanked by tall aluminum-surrounded HVAC vents. The whole is attractive, in true Porsche style. A huge chunk of weight came out of the body, too, with 86 pounds eliminated through redesigned doors, 42 from a lighter interior, 22 from different electrical components, and 17 from various body-shell changes and other structural-attachment efficiencies. Despite these weight reductions, overall structural stiffness was increased by 15 percent, says Porsche. The difference between the sum of all these figures and the actual reduction amount is the additional content and reinforcement that had to be added in order to meet various legal requirements. Reducing a vehicles weight while adding content is quite an achievement.

With this second-generation Cayenne, Porsche has taken to heart many of the criticisms of the previous model. Most important, the company has taken about 400 pounds out of the Cayenne. About 70 pounds of that come from the elimination of the two-speed transfer case. Instead, the new model gets an eight-speed automatic with a lower first-gear ratio and more sophisticated traction control. About 65 pounds were found in other engine and powertrain reductions. Greater use of aluminum in the chassis yielded 72 pounds, lighter wheels and tires shaved 17 more, an electric parking brake dropped 13, and structural efficiencies eliminated 42 pounds.