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2013 Mercedes-Benz SL Class Review
has given its luxurious hardtop convertible, the SL-Class, a complete
redesign for the latest model year. Reduced weight, new technology and
significantly increased power make this grand tourer a significantly
more capable and coddling machine than before.

SL stands for sport leicht in German, which translates to sporty
lightweight in English. While the earliest SLs certainly lived up to
this badging, the car became increasingly luxurious and heavy in later
generations. But a new all-aluminum bodyshell, which Mercedes-Benz says
is its first, significantly trims the droptops rolling mass and
increases agility (although the SL still isnt a hard-core sports car).
To trim weight even further, magnesium is used for some components,
although the automaker did add some high-strength steel tubing into the
A-pillars to enhance safety.

Overall, the SLs shell itself tips the
scales at about 242 lbs. lighter than the outgoing model. Despite the
decreased weight, the new SL is actually larger than its predecessor by
about 2 inches in overall length and 2.2 inches in width. Stretched out
over the increased dimensions is controversial new sheetmetal that seeks
to blend Mercedes current and historical design language; the long
hood/short rear deck proportions are in keeping with SL heritage,
although the extra-large front grille and headlights seem slightly out
of proportion to the overall design. The tall, upright nose is a
concession to European pedestrian safety standards. The new cabin
features an elegant, flowing dashboard design punctuated by circular air
vents that originated on the SLS AMG Gullwing. Material quality is
consistently top notch, from the French-stitched leather to the generous
sweep of fine wood trim extends from the center console across the
dashboard into the doors. The increased exterior size results in ample
space inside, with 1.5 inches more shoulder room and 1.1 inches more
elbow room than before. High-Tech Naturally, the SL comes fully loaded
with high technology features designed to assist drivers at every turn
of the wheel of press of a button. Mercedes Magic Sky Control arrives
on the options list, bringing with it a panoramic transparent folding
roof that can be dimmed at the switch of a button (a normal glass roof
is standard). The roof itself is lighter and faster than before,
deploying or stowing in less than 20 seconds. To make the most of the
open-top experience, a new FrontBass audio system utilizes otherwise
wasted space in the aluminum structure ahead of the passenger footwells
to serve as resonating chambers for the subwoofers. This marks the first
time that an audio system has been developed with the creation of the
body itself, and it opens up space in the door panels. Meanwhile, Magic
Vision Control integrates windshield washer fluid jets into the wiper
arms. While thats not necessarily new technology, Mercedes-Benz says it
has carefully engineered the wipers so that no excess fluid gets on the
windshield or heaven forbid in the cabin. In addition, the wiper
blades are heated for winter use. Finally, the SL also features
Hands-Free Access, which lets drivers swipe their foot under the rear
bumper to pop the trunk lid when their hands are full. Emphasizing
Athleticism To some drivers, a cars most important technology is under
the hood. The new SL doesnt disappoint in this area thanks to Mercedes
new 4.7-liter, 429-horsepower V8, which employs direct injection to add
power and save fuel. But the big figure here is torque, which stands at
516 lb-ft., or a 32 percent jump over the outgoing SL. The SL sprints to
60 mph in 4.5 seconds, a 0.8 second improvement. A seven-speed
automatic transmission with an eco start/stop function is standard. The
new SL is available with two different suspension systems – Agility
Control Suspension is fitted as standard, while the ABC (Active Body
Control) suspension system is available as an option. Both suspension
variants are combined with a new electromechanical Direct-Steer system
featuring speed-sensitive power steering and a ratio that can be varied
in accordance with steering wheel angle. This provides improved
directional stability and safety when traveling at highway speeds, makes
for a more agile dynamic character at medium velocities and also
reduces the amount of steering effort required when parking and
maneuvering at single-digit speeds. Standard and Optional Features As
is to be expected for a car commanding a six-digit pricetag, the SL
features a long list of standard equipment including leather upholstery,
12-way adjustable heated seats with pneumatic lumbar support and
memory, hand-polished genuine wood trim, a 10-speaker harman/kardon
LOGIC7 surround-sound system with Dolby Digital 5.1.